Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homemade Button, Crystal, and Pearl Jewelry: Facebook "Like" Giveaway!!!

Homemade Button, Crystal, and Pearl Jewelry: Facebook "Like" Giveaway!!!: "There is a large contest for Etsy promotional Teams on the new site Handmade Top 10 My team, the Promotional Frenzy Team http://www.etsy..."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Etsy Promo Frenzy Team looking to win - with your help!

Promo Frenzy Team (which I'm a part of) is in the running to win an incredible advertising package and we need your help! All you have to do is

1) click on the orange banner below

2) Click on the facebook button in the left frame to "like" our list

3) Vote for the products in our list

Let me know what you think :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Winners of the 500 fan celebration!

First, thank you to all my awesome fans out there. I started this celebration 2 weeks ago and had 500 fans. Now I'm up to 739 and I'm so thankful! Now, on to what you're wanting to know...who won what!

Teeny Weeny - item won by Penny Pressly Walker ( - claimed

A-Patche Patchwork Clothing - item won by Allison Lewis (

Bound in Chain - item won by Dawn Smisek ( - claimed

Close at Heart - item won by Angela Gessi Grissom (

Laughing Penguin Creations (comic book wallet) - item won by Melissa Boyle (melissa.boyle78 at gmail dot com) - claimed

Sugar Blossom Studio - item won by Sarah Knoke (

Valerie's Creations - item won by Cynthia DeMates (

Alisha's Cutsie Tootsies (headband) - item won by Sharon Snyder (

Funky Photography Prop Shoppe - item won by Shirley Moweary ( ) - claimed

Kayla Kole Boutique - item won by Jenell (

Laughing Penguin Creations (Tahoe Hat) - item won by Kerri Kennell ( )

Ness~essities - item won by Beth Botwin (

Clark's Custom Creations - item won by Kimber Larabee ( - claimed

Noi's Custom Wall Decor - item won by Jamey Ellis ( - claimed

Alisha's Cutsie Tootsies ($5 off $10) - item won by Heidi Walsh (

Ear Kandy Earrings - item won by Justine Tokash-Chanthamany (

Accentuate Your Beauty with MARK - item won by Andrea Skoog ( - claimed

Just Amor Creations
- item won by Shanna N Terry ( - claimed

Laughing Penguin Creations
(Fringe Bag) - item won by Cher Potts (

Crochet for your life - item won by Emily Shekell (

Punk's Pretties
- item won by Christy Guinn (

chrisM Photography
- item won by Noel ( - claimed

Laughing Penguin Creations (necklace) - items won by Robin Blakenship (, Kaleah Forrest (, Jennifer Vanlew (, and Victoria LaSota Robinson (

Misty Lady Beading - item won by Alicia Gray ( - claimed

Invites Unlimited - item won by Noel (

Congratulations again, everyone that won! You have until Sat, June 18th to claim your prize - please make sure you contact the sponsor. Have a great day!